Colorado Database of Available Providers

for Medicaid members' emotional and mental health care

UPDATE: November 20, 2022. In response to the tragic attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs, CODAPS is seeking counselors with availability to respond to those impacts, whether through telehealth around the state or in-person near Colorado Springs.

QUICKSTART for people seeking counseling: Use the menu on the left (≡ icon) to see available therapists. Select an age group or a demographic group. People seeking counseling do not have to enter any information.

QUICKSTART for therapists: If you have not subscribed, please click Provider Information Form.

If you are already subscribed, you will get an email to update your availability weekly. Responsiveness matters, and the most recent responders are listed first. You can also change your availability by using the Provider Availability Form


Welcome to CODAPS, a database of available Medicaid mental health providers in Colorado. Providers are asked weekly to update availability, and members can view lists of available providers by using the site menu.

For Medicaid members

Medicaid members may view lists of available providers. Providers may be contacted directly or by using the link at the bottom of their listing. You may include a note, to indicate your availability to be contacted. Please do not include protected health information in your note to the provider.

For Providers

By entering your practice information, the public can see your name and practice information. Your email is not displayed and will not be shared.

You may include your website and phone information or not, neither are required.

When a member contacts you through CODAPS, you will receive an email from CODAPS with the client's contact information. They won't have your email until you contact them.

You will receive a brief email once a week with a link that will take you to a short form to update your availability.

New providers may add practice details by clicking here. Update your availability by clicking here.


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